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New Custom Calf Table

New Custom Calf Table. These tables have 3 side entry doors on each side for easy entry. Lifting rear gate and head catch on front. This table will allow roll to either side. Theses are [...]

New Heavy Duty Livestock Panels

New HD 10? Panels. These are 6 bar and 5? tall with 2? heavy duty square tubing on the end w/ nice heavy duty pins to easily pin them together. Also painted. $165.00. Call 325/668/9458.

New Herd Feed Box

New Herd-Feed Box. This box has never been used or hooked up. It?s 8?8? long and 30? Wide and 28? Deep. It?s complete with extra cables and control. $5350.00. Call 325/668/9458. Also Delivery may be [...]

New Hydraulic Working Chutes W/ Palpate Cage

NEW Hydraulic Working Chutes! These Chutes are built heavy duty and they are all hydraulic w/ both side door exits, palpate cage with entry from both sides and also has butt bar. Drop and removable [...]

Farm King Feed – Seed Wagon

Farm King Grain or seed Wagon w/ hydraulic auger. It has pretty good tires. This wagon holds around 275 bushels and it has a swing around auger, that works good!! It is a good solid [...]

New 12?X7? Hay-Silage Stationary Feeders

New 12?X7? Hay-Silage Stationary Feeders. Theses feeders are heavy duty with drainage holes in each end. It has adjustable legs with small skids to move them around. Also they have 8 cattle entry on each [...]

Custom Built Livestock Scales.

Custom Built Livestock Scales. These scales are 3? wide and 8? long. They have 4 load cells, one under each corner and control box runs on 110 power. These are nice reasonable price scales. $3500.00. [...]

NEW Livestock Working Chute

NEW Livestock Working Chute. This chute has side swing out side door and both sides bottom swing out. It also has drop bars on sides and the bottoms are also adjustable for small or bigger [...]

Schuler 315 Feed Wagon

Schuler 315 Feed Wagon. This wagon in around 300 Cubit Feet Capacity and has a 36? discharge chute and is a little over 8? wide and around 8? tall. It has Koehler gas engine with [...]

Portable Hydraulic Chute, Alley, Tub

IN STOCK!! New Portable Chute W/10? Alley and Sweep Tub. This unit has Honda portable power unit. It also has 16? tires and 8 lug wheels. This chute has hydraulic lift and lower, hydraulic alley [...]