FREE GOATS (Mom and 2 kids)

I have 3 goats looking for a home (doe and her kids). The doe is half Boer and Half Nubian. The kids are mixed Boer with 1/4 Nubian. One doeling and one buckling. 817-800-2391

New Custom Calf Table

New Custom Calf Table. These tables have 3 side entry doors on each side for easy entry. Lifting rear gate and head catch on front. This table will allow roll to either side. Theses are [...]

54- 10? panels and 2 bowl gates

54- 10? panels and 2 bowl gates or 2- Large round pen! 27 10?X5? Panels and a 10? bowl panel w/5? gate. These an a medium panel! All new and powder coated paint and easy [...]

New Heavy Duty Livestock Panels

New HD 10? Panels. These are 6 bar and 5? tall with 2? heavy duty square tubing on the end w/ nice heavy duty pins to easily pin them together. Also painted. $165.00. Call 325/668/9458.

New Herd Feed Box

New Herd-Feed Box. This box has never been used or hooked up. It?s 8?8? long and 30? Wide and 28? Deep. It?s complete with extra cables and control. $5350.00. Call 325/668/9458. Also Delivery may be [...]

New Hydraulic Working Chutes W/ Palpate Cage

NEW Hydraulic Working Chutes! These Chutes are built heavy duty and they are all hydraulic w/ both side door exits, palpate cage with entry from both sides and also has butt bar. Drop and removable [...]

Farm King Feed – Seed Wagon

Farm King Grain or seed Wagon w/ hydraulic auger. It has pretty good tires. This wagon holds around 275 bushels and it has a swing around auger, that works good!! It is a good solid [...]

New 12?X7? Hay-Silage Stationary Feeders

New 12?X7? Hay-Silage Stationary Feeders. Theses feeders are heavy duty with drainage holes in each end. It has adjustable legs with small skids to move them around. Also they have 8 cattle entry on each [...]

Custom Built Livestock Working Tubs.

Custom Built Livestock Working Tubs. These tubs have a push gate with a catch latch and a crowd gate. They have cat walk that goes all the way around the outside. These are nice tubs! [...]

Custom Built Livestock Scales.

Custom Built Livestock Scales. These scales are 3? wide and 8? long. They have 4 load cells, one under each corner and control box runs on 110 power. These are nice reasonable price scales. $3500.00. [...]