2 Registered Black Angus Bulls $2250-$2750

17 month old virgin bulls. Good calving ease, excellent growth and docility. Breeding Soundness exam passed & up to date on all vaccinations (bov 8-way, triangle 10HB, valbazen oral dewormer). Freeze branded and ear tattooed. Bulls located in Shiner,Tx. Free delivery within 100 miles.

#8347- AIed son of Bar R Jet Black & out of a certified pathfinder angus cow ($2750)
CED+8 BW+1.3 WW+69 YW+124 $B 171 (top 10% of breed)
BW 80lb Adj WW 692lb Adj YW 1250lb scrotal 34cm

#8192- 10X bloodline Bull & Bextor/Objective Cow ($2250)
CED+7 BW+1.9 WW+52 YW+96 $B 142 (top 30% of breed)
BW 83lb Adj WW 591lb Adj YW 1063lb scrotal 34cm

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