Hypro 9303C-H1MC used pump.

Used w/ my John Deere 4230. Worked great with the pressure compensating hydraulics and Tortoise/Hare adjustment. used with 28′ & 56′ sprayer swath. spraying about 10 gallons per acre at 30 psig. I changed to JD5075E tractor which could not handle the hydraulic flow demand.

Stored with antifreeze in it to prevent rusting.

The HYPRO 9303C-HM1C CAST IRON HYDRAULIC DRIVEN CENTRIFUGAL SPRAYER PUMP is designed for agricultural and industrial spraying and application of variety of fluids including water, insecticides, herbicides, wettable powders, emulsives, liquid fertilizers and more. Body is built of durable and chemical resistant cast iron to resist corrosion. The Hypro Series 9303C-HM1C hydraulic motor-driven centrifugal pump provides a smooth performance that can achieve a max of 114 GPM, 13 GPM hydraulic motor and a max of 130 PSI. Sells for around $900 – $1000 new