This 13 unit Curriculum is designed to introduce Jr. High and High School students who have high interest in equine anatomy and physiology and who may be considering large animal Veterinary school to a basic level of anatomy, physiology, terminology, and stewardship. Equine Sciences and Stewardship of the Horse has ten units based on the ten body systems, which the student has the option of “Building a Horse from the Inside Out” with the system maps as guides at the end of each unit. Body system units also have end of unit tests. The three extra units include Parasites, Horsessentials Handbook, and Vital Signs. Three free barn charts are included and can be hung in a convenient place to refer to when doing health checks with your horse. The 3 charts cover normal vital signs, hoof check, and pulse points. The website offers Printed out version which includes everything you need with it (allow 6 – 8 weeks for printing,) PDF version (teacher or parent buys all needed accessories on their own for the curriculum,) and an option to purchase access to student file share page which has short mp4 videos of the author going through the study with the student page by page. The videos compliment your printed or PDF curriculum and can be watched repeatedly if needed. This is helpful for students who need lots of repetition or for parents who don’t have time to teach or want backup. File share can also be a posting place for student projects and tests if you want me to give your student a grade. It is written and illustrated by Bev Hill, comes in colorful graphic novel form, and many of the illustrations are drawn from photos of horses Bev raised.
Email me with questions or a link to the website. I recommend viewing the site on a computer because the mobile version displaces elements!