11-Registered Yearling Brahman Bulls

*11 Head REGISTERED yearling Brahman bulls to choose from, $1950.00 a head.
* All JDH Hudgins Bloodline
* 12- 14 months old as of July 1st, Current on vaccs, wormed and De-horned.
* Extremely powerful down their top, out of their hip, and complete the package by being solidly boned.
* Our nutritional program implements minimal supplements, yet creates docility while encouraging self-sufficiency & hardiness.
*This minimizes “shrinkage” or drop-off upon transfer.
* A perfect opportunity to grow your own REGISTERED bull at a fraction of the cost of buying a breeding age REGISTERED bull of this caliber.
* Yearling bulls therefore too young to fertility test.
* ABBA.Reg #: 984766, 984772, 984778, 984780(SOLD), 984776(SOLD), 984782, 984786, 984788(SOLD), 984790, 984792, 984796, 984800, 984802, 984804, 984806(SOLD).
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Bickham Ranch Brahmans ? Where genetics and temperament create perfection!

Bickham Ranch
Clifton TX
Brett & Marye Bickham
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